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Welcome to Fredonia Gardens, your go-to source for year around vegetables in Fredonia, Kansas. We take pride in offering hydroponically grown lettuce and growing your produce needs. Our team of dedicated professionals are committed to providing the best possible customer service and providing you with the best leafy greens possible.


Leafy Mix

Leafy Mix as an eye-pleasing salad.

Leaf Lettuce

If you're determined to eat the rainbow (and impress your nutritionist!), be on the lookout for loose leaf lettuces. These lettuces grow large heads that contain loose leaves, and there are reddish-purple and green varieties, both of which make for a great salad (or add great crunch and color to a sandwich) and offer many nutritional and culinary qualities. The red/purple-hued lettuces are rich in antioxidants, offering extra health benefits to those who consume them. While the red leaf lettuce tends to have a more robust, earthy flavor, the green variety is on the milder side. Both offer a nice crunch but are still somewhat soft in texture. When shopping, look for closely-bunched heads with crisp leaves and no brown edges. After washing and drying, you can store the lettuce in the fridge for up to a week in a plastic bag. Note that red leaf lettuces tend to have a slightly shorter shelf life than green leaf or head lettuce varieties, so eat those first. Mix red leaf lettuce with other, milder or bitter lettuces to make a stunning, colorful salad with complex, balanced flavor and diverse textures.


Butter Crunch

Butter Crunch for optimum health.

Butter Crunch

Softer, tender, and less crisp than other lettuce varieties, butterhead lettuces are also known as bibb or Boston. In stores, they are often sold in plastic containers to help protect the delicate leaves. Unlike romaine and iceberg that have relatively tight and rigid leaves surrounding a core, butterhead lettuce leaves are looser and smaller. These leaves make for great appetizer-size lettuce wraps (feel free to double layer the lettuce for some extra rigidity, if desired, depending on how heavy your filling is).


Romaine at its best.


It's most famous as the Caesar salad go-to, but this type of lettuce can do far more than just that. Romaine has sturdy, long leaves that are typically chopped, but they can be left whole and quickly thrown on the grill for a summer-y, smoky spin on the classic salad. Romaine is crispy and has a mild, sweet flavor that doesn't overpower other ingredients in your recipe (which is what makes it such a great vehicle for Caesar dressing). When shopping, you'll want to look for tight bunches that boast fresh-looking leaves.

Red Romaine, Red Sails, Red Oak

Frequently Asked Question?


What is Hydroponic Farming?

Researched root tempature, pH, light, good water quality (EC) & nutrition for a variety of lettuce and other various indoor vegetables plants to produce optimum yields.

Picked & Packaged Produce to be transported to grocers, restaurants & other potential companies

What services do you offer?

We offer picked & packaged lettuce & hope to expand into other produce.

Hydroponically grown

Our produce is grown in a nutrious supply of water. Thus eleminating soil-based farming with water savings of up to 70-80%

Modern-Farming Goals

Our Goals are to maintain root tempature, pH, light, good water quality (EC) & nutrition for indoor plants.

Plant a variety of hydroponic lettuce and expand to other various vegetables.

Pick & Package to be transported to grocers, restaurants & other potential companies.


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Fredonia Gardens is your year-around leafy green business in Fredonia, Kansas. Our team of experts are passionate about serving you . With research in optimum nutrition, we ensure that all our produce is top-notch and our customers are always satisfied. We offer a variety of lettuce to help you present the best salad plate.

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